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I learned BASIC in 1966 - my school had a Teletype connected to an GE 235 computer in Bethesda, MD. Pretty cool stuff, but there were only a few dozen computers in the world - only the biggest corporations could afford them. Not much job opportunity there...

Next was a PDP8/A, which also had a Teletype as the console. My company wouldn't splurge on the DecWriter upgrade. To this day, I hit the keys pretty hard.

I bought an IBM 5150 PC, with two double-sided (yes!) floppy disk drives. I had a choice between a printer (Epson Fx-80), and a Hercules graphics display adapter. I chose the Hercules. Later, when a few dollars came my way, I acquired a used DecWriter, and wrote an assembly language device driver so I could print to it.

;-) Dave