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Typical of Amazon, they've recently modified their product search API (probably renamed it yet again as well knowing them) ...

They used to have sample Perl code for their API, but there is none for the new API. It's not very different from the old one, but a couple of extra parameters are required.

While this may not make much sense to anyone unfamiliar with Amazon API stuff, a typical config' (courtesy of their previous example code) has previously consisted of having two files - one a SignatureHelper file, and one a SignatureHelperInit file.

However, I'm not able to figure out how to change these files to accommodate the new API.

So, perchance there may be somebody else on here having succeeded in migrating to the new API, with Perl, using a setup similar to the signature file method, I'd be mighty grateful in knowing how to progress.

Apologies in advance for this being a bit esoteric, but having already gotten nowhere by asking on the Amazon developer site itself, I'm grasping at straws right now.