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Will the sort still happen in memory? If it is not in memory, I do not see how this can do the @file = sort @file without data loss. If it is in memory, we are back to the original problem.

+1 for the unique approach.


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Re^3: Sort command equivalent in perl
by BrowserUk (Pope) on Dec 16, 2011 at 17:21 UTC

    You're right. it wouldn't work for files greater than memory.

    I thought it might for a while because of the in-place sort optimisation that came in somewhere in 5.8.x, that means that:

    @ar = sort @r;

    gets converted to sort \@ar; and sorts in place rather then copies the array to the stack and back.

    But looking at the code, it doesn't work for tied arrays:

    /* optimiser converts "@a = sort @a" to "sort \@a"; * in case of tied @a, pessimise: push (@a) onto stack, then assig +n * result back to @a at the end of this function */

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      Yup, there's the gotcha that gotme. :) I remembered that @array = sort @array doesn't make a copy, but failed to think through the fact that tie would be different.