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Imager doesn't include the low level libraries for reading formats like PNG - just an interface to them.

The simplest way to work with Imager on Win32 is strawberry perl, which includes Imager and the libraries that Imager needs.

If you really want to use ActiveState perl, you could grab the libraries and headers from the strawberry perl zip files.

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Re^2: Using the Imager package
by LloydRice (Beadle) on Dec 21, 2011 at 02:38 UTC
    OK, Tonye. I see. I will look into Strawberry Perl, but I am cautious about problems which might develop by mixing versions. In the meantime, I have gone ahead reading a BMP version of the same image. That work is underway. Many thanks for your reply.
      Tony, sorry about misspelling your email name. I now realize that you are none other than Tony Cook, the one and only whose name appears throughout the Imager documentation.