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App::scrape is more limited - it just uses CSS selectors to build up a Perl data structure from an HTML page.

It uses css and xpath, but yes, it is slightly simpler

Can App::scrape handle YAML seamlessly?

No, but I'm sure it could , in about five lines :) Tree::XPathEngine, its on CPAN :)

Or for that matter JSON, RDF, arbitrary XML, etc?

It does support RDF.

And how about POST requests?

Sure, its right there in the SYNOPSIS  use LWP::Simple qw(get); , you an just as easily write  use LWP::Simple qw( $ua ); and use  $ua->POST(...)

I recognize that it does a lot more, and a large number of the prereqs are your modules -- that is a lot of work -- but why?

Web::Magic won't help me "fake" a proper ua_string like WWW::Mechanize , and it has all those exceptions, but no cookie jar?

Magic? Dwimmery? Awesomness? -- yes, I like kung-fu panda too :)

HTML::Query, Web::Query, Web::Scraper, Web::Magic ... a lot of the same kind of work, which horse to choose?

Sell me a horse?

I'm sure you have philosophy, reasons for doing things your way, a big and little picture.... I'd love to know what it is :) I just don't have a grasp of the thing.

Maybe its because i'm not a "24" fan ? What can I say, Kiefer Sutherland grates me worse than David Caruso :)

Can you enlighten me?