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I'm with jouke, I'm very excited about this! I don't know much about how to turn something into a binary executable file, but I'm all up for learning. As a quick question, though, what do you think we should do with evals? That is, would we need the Perl Interpreter in the executable to handle an eval statement?

Update: Just incase it wasn't clear before: Count me in! I definitely would like to help code this. As for ideas, there are two main routes I can think of. One is to convert the perl code into relavent C code, this is probably a slow solution. The other is to convert it straight to a machine representation, this is probably not a portable solution. I just joined sourceforge, and can't wait to start. (P.S. I'll be gone tommorow for a robotics demonstartion, so if you try to contact me, I'll have to respond on Thursday)

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