While crazyinsomniac, BrentDax and me were discussing The Perl Compiler I -again- came up with the idea of writing an Installshield clone. I had thought about that before, but didn't have the nerve to start such a project, because it involves a lot. Let me explain what I think this should do:

InstallShield is a setup-tool to let you -as developer- create a setup-wizard for your windows-based programs. It copies your files to the directory a user specifies, modifies configfiles, adds programgroups and desktopicons and more. The user gets a user-friendly setup for your program.

There are several clones available for Installshield, like Inno Setup This is really a great product: free, open source (though not GPL), what else could you possibly wish for? Well, I wished it ran on Linux. And it doesn't, because it's written in Delphi, and is of course written specifically for Windows because it has to be able to modify *cough* registry-entries and desktop icons...

So I went and searched for a similar product for Linux. And I found Loki's Setup which looks and sounds really great. However I could not get it to work on my machine. This may of course be my own fault, but I was mainly frustrated that such a tool does not have it's own "easy installer", but needed to be installed in the conventional way, using configure and make.

So I decided I wanted to build my own version of this. In Perl of course. It would be quite complementary to The Perl Compiler. It would be mainly focussed on the Linux platform, not closing any doors for Win32 or Solaris (or other unix flavours). And aimed at GUI applications that are distributed in binary form (so it does not need to compile it first...)

I'm going to setup a Sourceforge project for this, and wondered if anyone has suggestions for the project. If anyone would like to co-develop this, please let me know.

UPDATE: I mentioned distributed in binary form, but I actually meant to say programs that don't have to be compiled first. So if you built a Perl/Tk application, that would suffice too

Jouke Visser, Perl 'Adept'
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