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Ok I would like to make my "if" look better. I'm getting data from a web form using CGI. The data I'm checking is the Ship-to address, they don't have to fill in these fields but if they do that have to fill in the required ones. I have come up with this so far.
if ( ( $query->param("Shipping_address") || $query->param("shipCity") || $query->param("shipState") || $query->param("shipcountry") || $query->param("shipZip") || $query->param("shipdayph") ) && ( !$query->param("Shipping_address") || !$query->param("shipCity") || !$query->param("shipState") || !$query->param("shipcountry") || !$query->param("shipZip") || !$query->param("shipdayph") ) ) { failure(); }

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