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I want to understand why Dmake and not GNU Make is used for Perl and Perl modules in Windows. Using the same make program on Unix and Windows would make things easier! or?

There is a dmake-4.12 distribution in CPAN. Could it also be a GNU Make distribution? Is there any licensing problems? Is it feasible to use GNU Make in Windows?

In Build.PL versus Makefile.PL from Feb 06, 2007 it is said: "I'm just curious to the current state of play". How has the state of play changed since 2007? Is there any clear trend? What is the current state of play?

From I get: ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.62 is depended on by 8024 and Module-Build-0.40 is depended on by 2445. ExtUtils-MakeMaker is still the "leader" after many years.

Can ExtUtils::MakeMaker still be "doomed"? Or is it time to revive it?

What is the strategy used in Perl 6?