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Hi All, I am having problems accessing to a popup to fill in a form. I click link and then the script just hangs. It is not until I manually click cancel until the script tries next lines of code. I have tried the method for handling popups from this monk page but it does not get the popup. But that I believe is caused by the script hanging after clicking the link and the JS popup launches.

Link code "javascript:openMdlWindow('InvestmentDetailOptions.aspx?IDAssetType=', +'620','600');if(window.document.RetValue == '2'){window.parent.Loadin +Iframe('InvestmentDetail.aspx?FromMenu=N&IDAssetType=','Investmen +t Details > Full View','false');}" My Code $sel->click("link=Filter"); $sel->select_target_blank_window(30000); $sel->get_eval("window.document.aspnetForm.ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder2_s +electDay.value =".$pday); $sel->get_eval("window.document.aspnetForm.ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder2_s +electMonth.value =".$mnth); $sel->click("ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder2_btnSubmit2");

Any suggestion or thoughts? has anyone seen this issue before. Thank you in advance. <\p>