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Perl6::Slurp is a regular Perl 5 module, it just emulates Perl 6's slurp builtin. Learning a bit of XPath is always useful, look at Zvon's tutorial for example.

As for the rest, you need to look at the source of the page, see what information you need and what XPath queries will get it for you. The cruise info is not for example in the p.itinerari-info, it's in the element. From that element you can get the title and price, then go down some more and get the various other fields.


Here is an example, which does not output the 'Includes' field, you'll have to do this one yourself.:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use warnings; use LWP::Simple; use Perl6::Slurp; # to load the page from the cache use HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath; # easier to use than bare HTML::TreeBuil +der # during development we don't want to hit the real page, # so we'll have a -c switch to use a cache use Getopt::Std; my %opt; getopts( 'c', \%opt); # if called with -c then $opt{c} is true my $base=''; my $url='/it/lista_crociere/capitali_nord_europa-201206.html'; my $cache= 'capitali_nord_europa-201206.html'; # this will get rid of the bad characters you were seeing in the outpu +t binmode( STDOUT, ':utf8'); if( ! $opt{c}) { getstore( $base.$url, $cache); } # only get the live +page without -c my $page= slurp '<:utf8', $cache; my $p = HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath->new_from_content( $page ); my @trips= $p->findnodes( '//div[@class="info-cruise"]'); foreach my $trip (@trips){ my $title = $trip->findvalue( './/div[@class="sx"]/h3'); print "$title\n"; my $price = $trip->findvalue( './/span[@class="new-price"]'); print "price: $price\n"; # this is very brittle, but it gives you a base on which you can bu +ild foreach my $info ( $trip->findnodes( './/p[@class="itinerari-info"] +//span[@class != "note" and @class != "strike"]')) { my $info_title= $info->findnodes( './b')->[0]; print $info_title->as_text(); $info_title->detach; my $info_value= $info->as_text; print ": ", $info_value, "\n"; } print "\n"; }