Linking within this site

The first basic procedure you will want to be familiar with is linking. You can link to a page by putting its title in []'s.

For example:

[The Monastery Gates] results in a link that looks like The Monastery Gates.

If you want the text displayed on the link to be different from the actual title of the node. You need to make a link that is of the form [nodetitle|linktitle]

[The Monastery Gates|Entering the Monastery] results in a link that looks like Entering the Monastery and points to "The Monastery Gates" node

Linking off this site

Just use regular HTML
<A HREF=>my site is here</A>

Formatting submitted code and writeups

You can insert a piece of code into any writeup by simply surrounding it with "code tags"
print "your code here\n";
This wraps your text within <PRE> tags and replaces all the necessary characters so your <> aren't interpreted as HTML tags. You can also use regular HTML tags to make your text look nice. If you use PRE tags please keep your lines of text relatively short so the site can be viewed without unnecessary horizontal scrolling.

Any text you type will become HTML so if you want a newline somewhere add a <BR> tag otherwise your lines of text will run together

Chatting and messaging

If you're logged in you can send messages viewable by all those logged in or leave a message viewable by only a specific user. For all the details look here.