vote on My most common answer to a question about Perl is:

Yes, of course it can
[bar] 190/23%
Yes, and I am even getting paid for that
[bar] 47/6%
Because of context
[bar] 29/3%
[bar] 73/9%
[bar] 8/1%
You have a missing semi-colon on the line above
[bar] 95/11%
Line 42
[bar] 21/2%
[bar] 31/4%
That's fixed in Perl 6
[bar] 26/3%
No, its Perl or perl
[bar] 12/1%
Did you Search?
[bar] 48/6%
There's a CPAN module for that
[bar] 217/26%
Something else...
[bar] 45/5%
842 total votes

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