in reply to XMl-Parser build failed on windows X64 with VStuido10

I would expect that at least some (and probably all) of those "unresolved external symbol" errors would be resolved by your libexpat.lib ... but apparently that's not the case.

Is your libexpat.lib an import lib for a dll ?
If so, then I think it should resolve those symbols. But, if it's a static library, then it won't resolve those symbols (because the "imp" part will be missing).

I guess another possibility is that your libexpat.lib is too old, but I think that's unlikely.
Try doing a search of libexpat.lib for the strings "XML_SetCommentHandler", "imp__XML_SetCommentHandler" and "imp_XML_SetCommentHandler". Are *any* of those strings found ? If so, which one(s) ?
It's the (first and) last of those 3 that needs to be found for you. However, in the libexpat import library that I looked at, it was the first 2 that could be found - so I think there's at least a chance that the difference in the number of underscores (1 versus 2) between the "imp" and the "XML" is bringing you undone.

If "imp_XML_SetCommentHandler" *does* exist in libexpat.lib, how many leading underscores come before "imp" ?