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Dear Monks,

I'm just a bit confused by the behaving of the XML::Parser. I have an UTF-8 encoded string in $xml (Müller in the (P)CDATA section) and I like to get it in UTF-8 on the output.

#!/usr/bin/perl use XML::Parser; $xml = "<word>Müller</word>"; $ch = sub { my ($p, $w) = @_; print "$w\n"; }; # the next commented 2 lines mean the same # and translate the output to iso-8859-1 # $p = XML::Parser->new(); # $p = XML::Parser->new(ProtocolEncoding => 'UTF-8'); # this line do the right job, but why?? $p = XML::Parser->new(ProtocolEncoding => 'ISO-8859-1'); $p->setHandlers('Char' => $ch); $p->parse($xml);
Please let me understand why I need to set ProtocolEncoding to 'ISO-8859-1' to get the UTF-8 encoded data as UTF-8 and not as iso-8859-1. Also let me know if this will first translate the data to iso-8859-1 and then back to UTF-8.

Disclaimer: It's not my decision to use XML::Parser, even if i like/dislike it. It's used by an module and it's out of discussion if this or that xml parser is better or not.

thank you so much & hear my prayer