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Perhaps not the advice you want, but here's some food for thought.

The folks at ActiveState are promoting the rather nice Tkx module that has an API not horribly unlike that of the Tk module. Most of my Tk apps were rather easy to port over to Tkx, though the 'tkhp16c' program from the book Mastering Perl/Tk would be a bit of work because it bends the UI so much...

Disadvantage: The extra work of porting of course. Less than porting to most other systems, but still, not free.

Advantages: Leverages the much more modern version of Tk/Tcl that you do (or will) have installed on your system.
ActiveState, includes a stripped down version of Tk/Tcl in ActivePerl and PerlApp knows how to use it.
And best, best of all, Apple's version of Tcl does not seem to need X11 but plays directly with Darwin.