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Make life easier on yourself, stop using ActiveState perl. Download Strawberry, which already has GD in addition to many other commonly used modules, and a sensible development environment.

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Re^2: cpnam GD error
by perlfan (Vicar) on May 27, 2020 at 07:36 UTC
    Or better yet, use perl via docker or virtualbox. In looking to see if App::perlbrew worked on windows (couldn't really tell), I found an article about something called berrybrew that's supposed to do the same thing under Strawberry Perl. Usually when I need to do things on windows I: a) cry, then 2) usually end up installing cygwin.

      I've never had any problems using Strawberry Perl, and I've been running it since the beta versions. The Virtualbox route seems needlessly complicated to be, a virtual machine to deal with/manage just to run perl? Docker, you'd need to carefully examine the pros and cons depending on the situation. Regardless Jerry_J was clear that switching to Strawberry was painless.

        I wasn't trying to talk anyone out of strawberry Perl, only covering options. Seemed environment isolation was important to OP, which is I why suggested docker/virtualbox in the first place and why I (re)suggestion berrybrew. Dockerhub has quite an extensive collection of Perl containers btw and Docker runs on Windows, soo.... not out of line whatsoever.
      Or op could run Linux... There all troll bases covered now