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I am also non native english speaker. So what?

I strongly believe that features should be implemented the simplest way available. And we already have not one, but two ways how to fix simple mistakes:

(1) monk can share his/her scratchpad as public (so spelling error can be fixed)
(2) Author can update all nodes (except front-page nodes). So in case changes are required, author can do it for yourself in most cases, in other cases Editors can help.

I do not recall some answer was scolded as "written in poor, non-native speaker English". I guess most (native-Engilsh spekar) monks realize, that some of us are diffrent - and we are living with it without obvious problems, thank you.

So my advice for a monk who feels may need a help: try to find a mentor, made your scratchpad public and ask your mentor to fix your errors before posting.

No coding involved, and solves also problem in your proposal - who is going to fix spelling errors?

I remember my friend, first-year teacher of English from USA, how he told me it was strange for him to point grammatic errors of his pupils. He told me that in USA it is little bit of rude to correct this kind of errors, so he needed to force himself to do it. And i explained him, that I am glad he shows me how to improve - without his help, I'll be repating my errors for ever. Yes, he was teaching first year, and it was during his first month...

I believe here are much more knowledgeable monks who can say how Americans (and Britons, Australians, Indians and all other english-first-language monks) feel about bad english. I just wanted to say that another non-native speaker may not feel this an issue, and even if we want to fix it, we can first look around if we can use tools/features already avilable before proposing complicated multi-step changes of node status.

I read somewhere that language of science is bad english (because for more than 50% of scientists English is non-native language).

Be nice, be tolerant, and if you feel English of some fellow-monk need improvement, /msg him or her and arrange mentoring.

After re-reading, I guess my own response sounds not too much tolerant... So if you feel offended, or you feel some wording is too strong, please /msg me and I'll update it promptly - tomorrow morning, after some sleep.

To make errors is human. But to make million errors per second, you need a computer.

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Re: Correcting and encouraging non native English speakers
by mandog (Curate) on Sep 10, 2001 at 16:54 UTC
    I am a native speaker of english and I welcome another mechanism of correction as suggested by stefp. IMNSHO, Good Perl requires good communication of the problem & solution in a human language.

    Please don't ++ this node, the meta stuff is useful but not good for my personal XP goals. Please forgive my presumption for assuming you might ++