@h1=("74", "117", "115", "116", "32", "65", "110", "111", "116", "104", "101", "114", "32", "80", "101", "114", "108","32", "72", "97", "99", "107", "101", "114"); foreach $haha (@h1) {$i++; $b++; $p++; $k++; $q++; $s++; $t++; $u++; $v++; $w++; $owow = chr($haha); print $owow;}

No, i'm not a hippie, or one of those peace'n'love guy...


I'm just trying to make 'beatiful' (??) things with my very little coding abilities...

@j=split(/2/,"65211521092111");foreach$k(@j){print chr($k);}


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Re: Make Love, not war...
by damian1301 (Curate) on Sep 17, 2001 at 23:59 UTC
    • That's not a peace sign, that's an upside-down mercedes bens sign.
    • All of your "obfuscations" all do the same thing - get numbers and convert them to text using chr. It has been done and it is getting really old.

    UPDATE: I understand that I shouldn't have been so negative and should've encouraged you instead. I am honestly sorry. To get you going on a better track try looking through some obfuscation reviews by japhy

      Side note: There have been a number of variations of the so-called 'peace sign', and at least one of them looked like the one in this thread, either because it was yippie-influenced or because it corresponded to the 2-finger peace 'gesture', or maybe both.
        well, when i saw damian's reply, i though 'huh, he might be right' then i searched a little bit, and, they are actually, different version of 'the' peace sign...

        Thx for your reply.

      • I agree with your first (despite your horrendous spelling of "Benz")
      • Give Asmo a break. OK, so s/he likes chr. Someone piss in your cereal this morning?
      This ain't the first time you jumped on some newbie. You ever think it's your attitude that's getting really old, you little weasel?
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Re: Make Love, not war...
by stefp (Vicar) on Sep 19, 2001 at 13:52 UTC
      I think the issue was how many branches there are (i.e. the peace sign that I know of has four spokes coming out from the center, whereas this obfu and mercedes logo only have three.


Re: Make Love, not war...
by thunders (Priest) on Sep 24, 2001 at 19:53 UTC
    just a quick tip,
    after you set up your array, the important part of your foreach loop could be rewritten like so:


    get to know the $_ special variable. it'll save you tons of typing and redundant statements. also, the for and foreach loops are interchangable. Any place you can use one you can use the other. example:
    foreach ($i=0;$i < 10;$i++){do something}
    for is three characters foreach is seven, guess which one most Perl programmers use :)
    hint: think lazy

      Perhaps the choice of using the code the programmer did is based on the aesthetic layout?

      While you are at it? Why bother reassigning the result of chr to $_? Just drop that line alltogether to get  for(@h1){ print chr; } and of course if your decision is to be based on the number of characters you can go to print chr for(@h1); but getting the smallest WTDI is golf and not obfuscation.

        I'd personally use:
        print map chr, @h1;
        But to each their own. I was just offering some advice.
Re: Make Love, not war...
by basicdez (Pilgrim) on Sep 18, 2001 at 20:00 UTC
    I think this is beautiful. thanks for sharing. peace, lOVE and ((stuff)) dez L