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Ah, well then. I must've misunderstood the intention behind your post. My bad.

do('many', 'things', 'now') if ( $ready and $set and $prepared );

could be made even more English-like (Englishy? Englishesque?) if we ignore for a moment that do is a built-in function ;)

do 'many', 'things', 'now' if $ready and $set and $prepared;

And even you prefer the if-this-then-than notation over the that-if-this syntax, there are neat ways:

$ready and $set and $prepared and do 'many', 'things', 'now'; $ready and $set and $prepared? do 'many', 'things', 'now' :() ;

What's funny about that last one is that it's... well... rather Englishy indeed:

(Are you) ready and set and prepared? Do many things now <shocked emoticon>;

Coincidentally (or maybe not, as it's neatly linked to on my homenode), I've asked about the various ways to write conditionals before.