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I have been developing Perl scripts on Mac OSX Server, and want to connect to an OpenBase Database. I can't seem to find a DBD anywhere. I know I can install MySQL etc., but I like the OpenBase interface and would like to connect to it, since I use the Database for WebObjects development as well.

Any comments or other possible solutions will be appreciated.


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Re: OpenBase DBD
by MZSanford (Curate) on Oct 18, 2001 at 17:23 UTC
    I hate to suggest it, but all i can find is DBD::ODBC. Maybe you could Write a new one, which would help the next person to ask ... but that, as they say, is a non-trivial excersize.

    Update : I found a reference to DBD::OpenBase hereand the resume of the person working on it here ... appears a DBD is in the works.
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      Thanks for the reply.
      I found a few other references but all of them are about people struggling to get anything to work.

      I think I will try to get another DB to work first before I write a new one.

      Have anyone had any experience with Perl and DBI on Mac OSX Server?

      Any replies would be welcomed.


      I have managed to install DBD::mysql and everything is working perfectly.