In honor of Apocalypse 5, the Parrot team's happy to announce version 0.0.6 of Parrot has been released. Here's the official release announcement from Jeff Goff, Parrot pumpking:

"Where am I?" "In the CPAN."
"What do you want?" "Keyed acess."
"Whose side are you on?" "That...would be telling. We want...keyed access."
"You won't get it." "By hack or by crack... We will."
"Who are you?" "The new pumpking."
"Who is number 2?"
"You are Version Six."
"I am not a version, I am the final release!"
<Mocking laughter>

(apologies to Patrick McGoohan)

Welcome to version 0.0.6 of Parrot.

Major changes in this release include a new assembler supporting the keyed access syntax, new macro syntax, new Configure scripts, a Parrot assembler written in Parrot, the C#-like language 'cola' with limited OOP support, and lots of new documentation. Some contributions include tetris.pasm and an implementation of LZW compression.

As per usual, if you want to join in on the fun, start by downloading a copy of parrot-0.0.6 at CPAN at one of the following URLs (or a mirror):

To get the latest CVS version:

has the information you need.

Once you've unpacked Parrot, build it as follows:

perl make make test
After you've done that, look at docs/parrot.pod to learn more about it.

Discussion of Parrot takes place on the perl6-internals mailing list, and patches should be sent there as well. If you're not subscribed, look at:

for tips on how to subscribe. CVS commit access is given out to developers who consistently submit good patches to the mailing list.

Be Seeing You.