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That question is almost impossible to answer without knowing what it is that you define as "production".

What type of content are you serving? Are you using a single server? How much load are you expecting? How fast can your staff detect/react to problems? How stable is the code that mod_perl will be serving? How much time and/or money have you invested in staging and testing? Are money transactions involved? What is your true benefit from using apache2/mod_perl2? How much does stability effect your pocketbook?

I'm not asking for answers to these questions, just trying to indicate the variables involved. Without knowing any of the answers to those questions, my answer would be an emphatic NO.

Personally, there is only one equation that matters: mod_perl2_cash_advantage - mod_perl2_cash_risk = value If the result is positive, use mod_perl2.


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by Sihal (Pilgrim) on Oct 03, 2002 at 16:27 UTC
    Well well, that is a very good answer indeed. Most of the answers I can make are clearly in disadvantgage of mod_perl2.
    Your final formulae is very good indeed and clearly makes me say..."NO" :-)