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Photo taken June 2005 in Toronto at YAPC time. I have lots more photos (including cats!) on flickr.

Projects I'm working on right now:

OpenInteract is a database-independent Apache/mod_perl application framework with user/group management, security, a rich templating environment and lots of other cool stuff. It kicks ass; it is fairly mature; it is on CPAN (try install Bundle::OpenInteract from your CPAN shell); it has a nifty wiki, a unusual-for-perl issue tracking system, and the normal SF goop.

SPOPS is a data abstraction (object serialization) layer with security. It's also hosted at Sourceforge and is available on CPAN.

Workflow is a generic embeddable workflow system. We'll see if it catches on.

Class::Observable and Class::Factory aren't really projects, but it seemed appropriate to stick a note about them here.

P5EE aims to build an API for "enterprise" applications in Perl, inspired by J2EE. The project just recently got started -- learn more. My aim with P5EE is to keep OI and SPOPS as compatible as possible.