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I tried the eval statement and got the same result. If i send a message to an address that is not accepting mail, my script crashes and the user sees Internal Server Error on their screen. If i can prevent this from happening, my problem is solved.

My message is generated from my server and sent to the address My catch-all's are OFF and only mail sent to specific users specified in my virtusertable will be accepted. I need a perl script to attempt to send this message and:

  1. Not crash the perl cgi.
  2. give me an error message i can translate

If i can only get number one i can live with it. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the advice. I hope this post streamlines my question a little bit.


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Re: Re: Sendmail to non-working email address
by Elian (Parson) on Sep 04, 2003 at 19:08 UTC
    If you're trying to verify users e-mail addresses on your machine then don't do this at all--check your local user database instead. If you don't have one, make one. (And odds are you do have one, you just need to find it. What, where, and how depends on your system)

    (If you're looking to verify addresses on other machines in realtime, you can't. Stop trying, it's impossible in general and all you'll do is make a mess of things, probably leave a spam and/or abuse hole, and piss people off)