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Hmmmm, sounds like a bit of a time waster to me!

A colleague had me help him with a project for his company a few weeks back. He works in a legal practice and management were concerned that the effective output of opinions (the bread and butter of this firm) was falling rapidly over the last three years. The practice manager had done a sampling of all the opinions written over three years and decided that they were no more or less difficult to research and produce now than three years ago.

They had a hunch about what was going on. So using a network sniffer we monitored the amount of traffic used by IM systems. It was amazing! One day IT had a huge problem the router and firewalls happened to start blocking all the IM ports, IRC ports, P2P ports and some IP's belongong to large download sites.

By the end of the week the output of opinions (measured in sheer text volume) was back to only 15% lower than it was three years ago.

They also found that the consumption of CD-R media dropped to 31% of that in the previous week. See, no-one was downloading stuff on the firms bandwidth and time, and then writing it to CD to take home!

Next thing is how to stop the personal emails and unnecessary internal emailing. Then they should be back to just where things were before everybody got net access.


The two greatest executive timewasters - Spreadsheet prgrammes and Instant Messaging.