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I'd also go for a database solution. If DBD::DB2 contains (unfixable?) bugs, you might want to go for another database driver. I'm not MySQLs biggest fan, but for this task, synchronization, it looks like it can provide an adequate solution. Of course, the ideal solution would be if you can fix the bugs in DBD::DB2. ;-)

Of course, many other solutions are possible, either written from scratch, or piggybacking on something else (email for instance).


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Re^2: Efficient IPC
by Jeppe (Monk) on Jun 24, 2004 at 09:48 UTC
    Well - my customer demands DB2 and pay us a good deal of money, so DB2 it is. But I just realized that I might want to use a separate dbh for my db-based solution. Hmm. That might work.

    Funny how just asking a question sometimes makes you come up with a workable solution!