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Well, I have to say I'm impressed. What a wonderful group of people and a wonderful site. If there ever was a fine example of the collective consciousness, this is it!

Goals: Ok, I run a UW Imap server. Someday, I'm actually going to finish proper learning automation for Spam Assassin for my users. Of course the only way to do it is to roll my own while adding far too many features :)

Current Interests: Mastering Vim (I believe this maybe a lifelong pursuit), Perl fork() and IPC (I'm a firm believer in talking through differences.)

I have Bipolar Disorder (aka. Manic Depression). It is, at times, a tough condition, at other, a blessing. Luckily for me, it's not so severe. Perl IS a salvation. When things get rough, having such a wonderful occupier pulls me through.