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You might want to rewrite this section of code so that it is a little clearer:

if ($location eq ""){ &main }elsif ($location eq lc("misc")){ &misc }elsif ($location eq lc("links")){ &links }else{ default('Where are you trying to go?'); }

by using a switch construct (which is really an abuse of a looping construct):

SWITCH: for ($location) { /^$/ && do {&main() ;last SWITCH}; /^misc$/i && do {&misc() ;last SWITCH}; /^links$/i && do {&links() ;last SWITCH}; default('Where are you trying to go'); # catch anything else }

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Re: Re: Problems with scripts
by arturo (Vicar) on Nov 27, 2000 at 03:21 UTC

    I like the "switch" idea quite a bit, myself. Here's something you might do right off the bat: those lc "misc" calls are pointless (the string IS in lower case, that's the part you control). So, at the top, something like  my $location = lc $query->param('place) or 'links'; # or a sensible default

    Which converts the value you *can't* control to lowercase . One nice thing about the "switch" idea is that you can fall through to a default if the value of the parameter isn't valid.

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