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Actually, that jobseeker interpretation matches mine; namely, that the OP was looking for the answers in expectation of "being interviewed" as opposed to "conducting an interview of a prospective employee."

However, there's something else peculiar here: the bottom of the perl interview page you cite (and link) says: "Check out Perl Monks for discussion of the questions and related Perl interview issues. Check RegExpLib for regular expression samples." RegExpLib appears to be site which provides advertising for regex-related software... but the reference and link to Perl Monks raise (for me) the further question of whether someone is using the Monastery's good name as an implied endorsement of a product?

I should note, tho the pm link is to the Gates, so I suppose the reference and link could have existed prior to the OP's initiating this thread.

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Re^3: Interview Prepration
by merlyn (Sage) on Apr 04, 2005 at 20:01 UTC
    Ouch... they put The Monastery and that ugly Regexlib in the same category? Regexlib is cargo-culted after cargo-culted regex written by amateur hacks, with very little attention paid to standards and usability. Eeek.

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      merlyn, please. Stop beating around the bush, and tell us how you really feel. It's not at all clear to us what you're trying to say here.