When looking at places that list patches like regular posts (such as the Patches section of Newest Nodes, if you have it enabled), you see that the 'title' fields of patches contain generic, generated text, consisting of the name of patched node, with " - (patch)" appended. E.g. "monktitlebar - (patch)".

Would it be possible (or rather, how hard would it be) to have the text of links to patches use the 'Reason' field (as displayed in the Patch Lister) rather than the 'title' field?

(A rather limited-scope change for this effect could be implemented at around line 64 of nodesWithinDays. A global change for this effect could be done in linkNode, which is at around line 741 of Everything/

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Re: Let link text for patches be 'reason' rather than 'title'?
by demerphq (Chancellor) on Feb 08, 2006 at 07:07 UTC

    RAT already does this. As do pmdev:// links to patches.

    Which is not to say your suggestion is bad, but rather that we are somewhat down that track already.

    update: Apparently this node is getting downvoted, which I interpret to mean that I haven't been clear. I agree with this idea in general as ive already put code in place to make it happen in pmdev:// links and in the RAT.