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I think this is the time to give my experience as well with XML::Twig and mirod. I too love XML::Twig

Six months back my boss assigned a tool for fresh development to convert XML file (inhouse DTD elements) to another XML file (customer based element). In this project we have to handle many attributes processing, elements replacement etc. He planned to develop the tool in usual method, using regex. I suggested XML::Twig to my boss and he gave approval to proceed further.

Then I started using XML::Twig in my project. I developed the whole tool using XML::Twig and with less than 2% of regex. During development i asked many questions like 'ID' generation issue and 'ID' format in XML::Twig in SOPW and got help from monks and from mirod as well. In our company we are dealing fully with text processing and we use to develop many tools with 90% of regex. The disadvantage in using regex in our work is, text deletion use to happen if the regex is not good. After started using this module, we have avoided using regex wherever XML::Twig can be used efficiently and text deletion chance is very very low. Now we are developing 50% of our work using XML::Twig. I learned a lot from this module and always love to use this in my projects.

I take this moment to convey my thanks to our monks and special thanks to mirod who helped me patiently (when i ask help through /msg) to complete my project successfully.