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[Tux]Ohhh, nice to know
[choroba]A minimal OO proposal for the Perl core
[Corion]Interesting. So far I don't see much harm done. Implicit $self is ... OK I guess
[Corion]Meh. The "slots" still require manually written accessors?!
[Corion]I guess I misread that, as the example shows slots declaring accessors, so all seems well
[Corion]I see no "coerce", and I've just learned how this feature would be useful...
[hippo]I don't see the need for this to be in core, personally. If you want minimal OO we already have it. Otherwise, choose the framework with suits. TIMTOWTDI after all.
[Corion]hippo: Well, there would be the method keyword, the implicit $self, and the accessor generation, at least for readonly accessors. That would be somewhat of a step up IMO. But I'm not sure if that warrants not using Moo, which has most...
[Corion]... of that as well, and creates the accessors as read/write. And not having coerce options makes my complaint more true how not using it makes me a worse OO programmer.
[Corion]If I don't forget, I'll chime in on that post, thanks choroba!