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In a word, as previous responders noted, "permissions."

Now what I hope may offer some added value, rather than a mere echo:

I have observed (at least in several governmental organizations I'm familiar with) windoze admins do their setups with a default !allowed for file or dir creation in the root. My impression is that they're trying to force users to confine their writes to "Documents and Settings"\usename in some misguided attempt at "enhancing security."

Sometimes, they get carried away with this kind of procedure and apply it where it shouldn't be applied.

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Re^2: Dir Create
by rawsr71 (Novice) on Aug 23, 2007 at 21:15 UTC
    Thank you all for your responses. The individuals involved can manually create the folders so it's not permissions. And both are out of the office today or I would have attempted the better error messages. Previously I wasn't getting any error at all, even under the verbose script running. I'll try the mkpath idea, it sounds better anyway. ;-) Thanks again!
      mkpath worked. Now I have to figure out why they can't get code from VSS when the others can. Thank you everyone!