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I hope that GAE add perl :)

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Re^3: Perl support in Google AppEngine
by spadkins (Novice) on Jun 20, 2008 at 21:53 UTC

    I have been promoting the idea of a community project to get Perl supported on Google App Engine.

    I have made various contacts with people inside Google, and it seems that the core App Engine team is busy with plenty of other thinigs. However, this does not stop the community from getting something started. We will likely attract perl advocates within Google as we go along, even if they are not on the App Engine team. I would like to see the effort advance until the point where it becomes a simple matter for the App Engine team to embrace Perl.

    I have started a project for all people interested in following this effort or contributing toward it.

    Please visit the website, sign up for the mailing list, spread the word, and start contributing.


    Stephen Adkins