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I'm quite happy to browse the new nodes in the train to work as the unnamed one, but if I don't login, I'm getting the full blown shiny Monastary Gates and not the little side entrance.


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Re^2: ?
by Corion (Patriarch) on Jun 19, 2008 at 09:43 UTC

    Indeed - that's my error. I didn't check from an anonymous domain but only used a domain where I have a cookie. I think /bare/ should also work for Anonymous Monk, but it seems currently it doesn't.

      Of course /bare works for Anonymonk. You just linked to the gates, which is cached and isn't a great place to start a /bare session from your cell phone anyway.

      I don't read nodes much from my cell phone (I used to read them quite a bit from my Zaurus but it is well into "end of life" mode now). But I think you'd want to start a node-reading /bare session somewhere like;nn_hide_types=note,user

      It would be good if /bare Newest Nodes would automatically skip showing new replies to new threads (and just show new replies to old threads). I previously tried to get a small enough /bare version of Recently Active Threads but it was still way too much HTML (even though the results didn't look all that big) for the small clients I tested it on.

      - tye