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CountZero...What you are discussing is the navigation section of the pages which I would like to have created with each hit, I think. I am open to be swayed to having a semi-static list somewhere of every page and directory on my site. I would prefer to have the navigation be where I get it written, test that it works, once it does, make it live, then forget it is there.

I gave Template::Toolkit a quick skim and am unsure how it can help me. I would like to build as much of this from scratch before I start looking into modules. In my neophyte opinion, the module is more confusing at the moment. I have just wrapped my head around subs, but that module as a whole confuses me.

What I am hopefully building is a shell for all of the pages on my site, a template if you will. It seems funny to me to use a template to build a template. :)

I wish I understood how to make this a module, but even that is out of reach for now. Instead of useing it, I will be doing it instead. I know I should be looking at the former, but the module mojo makes no sense to me.

Have a nice day!
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Re^3: Seeing Perl in a new light
by CountZero (Bishop) on Apr 13, 2009 at 07:04 UTC
    Just go as fast as you are comfortable with now, but remember there will be new horizons and perspectives around each corner and be prepared to be flexible and drop any "fixed" knowledge when something better comes along.


    A program should be light and agile, its subroutines connected like a string of pearls. The spirit and intent of the program should be retained throughout. There should be neither too little or too much, neither needless loops nor useless variables, neither lack of structure nor overwhelming rigidity." - The Tao of Programming, 4.1 - Geoffrey James