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Hi Monks,

I have a requirement.I wanted to execute the web front end code from back end module.Below I have mentioned a perl code.I used WWW::Mechanize module from cpan.I passed an argument through url in get method.Is is correct way what I have used in the source code else is any functionality available in this module, Then How to pass an argument by POST method.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; use WWW::Mechanize; my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new(); my $ur_1 = ""; $ur_1=$mech->get($ur_1); print Dumper($ur_1);
doc.php: <?php print_r($_GET); echo "HAI:$_GET[id]"; ?>

Note: I don't want to execute the php source code through web browser. Only i will execute the perl script.It should be called php file with argument.

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Re: WWW::Mechanize process.
by awwaiid (Friar) on Aug 05, 2009 at 04:41 UTC
Re: WWW::Mechanize process.
by whakka (Hermit) on Aug 04, 2009 at 20:54 UTC
    I'm very confused reading your question. Is there any other way you could phrase it?

    Here's what I can comment about your code:


    Calling the get method returns an HTTP::Response object. You can call the methods it provides, but generally it's more convenient call the various "STATUS METHODS" found in the WWW::Mechanize documentation to make sure your GET request was successful.

    To see the content of the page, print the return string from the content method to validate your page's output (my $html = $mech->content).

    To do a POST, you simply use the post method found in LWP::UserAgent. Since it's the base class for WWW::Mechanize, any method found in LWP::UserAgent can be called by WWW::Mechanize (make sure to read the "overloaded methods" section in the documentation though.)