in reply to gethostbyname: What does $aliases look like?

Just add some aliases where it doesn't hurt and it's easy to figure out. (I use a tiny virtual machine for this purpose.)

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Dumpvalue; # Core Module, dumps like the debugger my $dumper = new Dumpvalue; my $host = shift; my ($name,$aliases,$addrtype,$length,@addrs) = gethostbyname($host) or + die "Can't resolve $host $!\n"; print "$aliases\n"; $dumper->dumpValue(\$aliases);

My /etc/hosts file localhost tf-laptop my-laptop

Running the above code with the argument localhost yields:

$ perl localhost tf-laptop my-laptop -> 'tf-laptop my-laptop'

$aliases is a string holding the aliases seperated by whitespace.