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Down to 97 characters. Works for arbitrary graphs, i think.
sub b { $a=@_*@_;for(@_){%t=@_;$t=@r=$_;$t+=%t while@r=map@{delete$t{$_}},@r;$ +a=$t,$b=$_ if!ref&&$t<$a}$b }

Update: Thanks to MeowChow for crawling through that thoroughly fetid blob of code and discovering that I need to say $t+=keys%t instead of $t+=%t. And here I thought I was being so clever.

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Re: Re: (Golf) Minimizing the Bacon Number
by MeowChow (Vicar) on May 15, 2001 at 07:14 UTC
    Interestingly, this causes both my 5.6 Win32 ActiveState Perl and my 5.6.1 Linux to segfault, but appears to work under 5.00503. Hmmm....

    update: I think this is a garbage-collection issue, stemming from your deletion of a hash key will simultaneously dereferencing it. Ingenious, and dangerous.

    update2: Err, that wasn't the problem, the problem was that my test hash was already %t, so it was getting reset inside the sub, and I ran into this.

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