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I have subscribed to some modules of interest at This will automatically send me an email everytime a selected module has been updated.
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Re^2: How do you learn of and keep informed about useful CPAN modules?
by Anonymous Monk on Nov 13, 2009 at 18:14 UTC

    That site's not coming up for me.

    However, found cpan-update on

    Considering how active the CPAN is, might get a bit tiresome going through all those though.

      If you subscribe to the cpan-update daily digest, you get a single piece of mail every day that shows you a listing of recently updated modules. You won't have the time or energy to read through it carefully every day, but if you skim through it now and then, you'll see something that catches your attention. There's no guarantee of quality or popularity, but at least you know it's a module that's under active development.

      If you haven't read it yet, you should look at The Perl Cookbook. It's Second edition is only a little dated at this point, and it frequently recommends good and useful modules for particular tasks. Similarly Perl Best Practices has a lot of advice like that (though you should forget about Class::Std, and if someone tries to tell you about a great replacement for Getopt::Long, you should remind yourself that you have real work to do).

      Also, these days, I tend to recommend perlsphere if you want to keep up with miscellanious developments in the perl world... it's a pretty comprehensive aggregator.

      Update: corrected perlsphere URL.

      That site's not coming up for me.
      I can not access NotiCPAN at the moment either. It seems like it is down for everyone.

      Looking back at my emails, the last one I received was a little more than a month ago (Sep 30 2009). Furthermore, one of the modules I'm tracking was updated on CPAN Oct 28 2009, but I have no record of an email for that update. Perhaps it has been down for several weeks now. Since I can not access the website, I can not report a probelm to the website :) I'll try to reply to the email in an attempt to report a problem.