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find is not working i check the code, it been redirected to query in for final processing , even i was unable to digest at first.

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Re^7: Perl and MongoDB find error
by MyMonkName (Acolyte) on Nov 06, 2012 at 23:33 UTC

    If you look at the tests in the distribution, they don't even test ``find'' with supplied key/value pairs, per what OP wants to do. For example:

     my $some_users = $users->find({"name" => "Joe"});

    If you try this, you'll get undefined values as you iterate over the cursor.

    (example taken straight from the documentation of MongoDB::Tutorial)

    OTOH, if you try this:

    my $john = $users->find({"name" => qr/joh?n/i});

    It seems to work. (Also from the documentation.)

    How bizarre.