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Thanks for your suggestion. Your code output the following:
Ambiguous call resolved as CORE::each(), qualify as such or use & at a line 12. Ambiguous call resolved as CORE::chop(), qualify as such or use & at a line 18. dump() better written as CORE::dump() at line 19. Ambiguous call resolved as CORE::dump(), qualify as such or use & at a line 19. name: Ken Takakura main::our() was called at line 8. Use of uninitialized value $person{"name"} in scalar chop at ambiguous line 18. Abort

This result shows us that delete and our belong to "weak keywords", and each, chop and dump don't.

The following was quoted from regen/

145: -chop 160: +delete 163: -dump 164: -each 261: +our

Plus (+) signs maybe mean "weak".

Your comment meant a lot to me :)