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WWW::Mechanize does not handle Javascript. The WWW::Mechanize documentation clearly states that.

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Re^5: need help in scraping asp site
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 06, 2012 at 08:05 UTC
    Even in this case WWW::Mechanize::Firefox is also not helpful......can you tell me what could be the best way to do this?

      Maybe you want to start with a problem description instead of dumping some badly formatted code?

      I would use WWW::Mechanize::Firefox.

        I know you've created this module but I tried with that one too corion and it was not working the same output was getting in this case too. Secondly to run WWW::Mechanize::Firefox, you must be having Mozrepl running in your browser, now that's a dependency for WWW::Mechanize::Firefox and also to run the code on server with this modules is not suitable if all the time I need mozrepl running on my browser.