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Audio::TagLib and Strawberry Perl

by Anonymous Monk
on Aug 13, 2012 at 21:40 UTC ( #987218=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Scripts\Perl\Audio>cpanm A
    --> Working on Audio::TagLib
    C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Scripts\Perl\Audio>
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    cpanm (App::cpanminus) 1.5017 on perl 5.014002 built for MSWin32-x86-m
    Work directory is /.cpanm/work/1344883446.3864
    Falling back to Archive::Tar 1.80
    Searching File::Find on cpanmetadb ...
    skipping F/FL/FLORA/perl-5.15.4.tar.gz

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[choroba]: Good morning!
[Corion]: I hope you had a good weekend!
[marto]: jetlag has really done a number on the kids, it's been a tough week
choroba played with the band on Saturday, so Sunday was very sleepy
[choroba]: managed to release Syntax::Construct with 5.28 support in the night, though
[Corion]: choroba: Whee ;)
[Corion]: marto: Ouch - I would've thought that kids adapt much better, but that's obviously not the case...
[marto]: well, their mother let them sleep till 15:00 & 12:00 last week, which didn't help them adjust :P
[Corion]: I was "productive" over the weekend in the sense that I revived my old "Perlmonks on SQLite" code, which likely means I can get a test instance back up running on my webhost. Small steps :)
[Corion]: marto: Ow, no, that doesn't help at all :)

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