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Re^3: Fucking sprintf rounding - how does it work?

by daxim (Chaplain)
on Sep 03, 2012 at 17:13 UTC ( #991485=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    $ perl -e'printf qq[%s => %.68f => %.1f\n], (qq[0.${_}5]) x 3 for (0..
    0.05 => 0.050000000000000000000677626357803440271254658000543713569641
    +11328125 => 0.1
    0.75 => 0.750000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    +00000000 => 0.8
    0.85 => 0.850000000000000000021684043449710088680149056017398834228515
    +62500000 => 0.9
    0.95 => 0.949999999999999999989157978275144955659925471991300582885742
    +18750000 => 0.9
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    $ perl -V
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    Summary of my perl5 (revision 5 version 16 subversion 0) configuration

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Node Type: note [id://991485]
[Corion]: Discipulus: I'm slowly migrating my code to require 5.8.x ;) Most of my code works on 5.6, but Filter::signatures requires 5.10 I think
[Corion]: 5.14 is also a good target, widely available and fairly stable. Also, over five years old, which doesn't push people into a needless upgrade cycle
[Discipulus]: yes I saw your efforts Corion but the pain is worth?
[Corion]: Discipulus: IMO it's not that much pain, but most of the systems I use have a Perl 5.14 or newer on them nowadays
[marto]: the question is more, is Padre still the way new users should be directed?
[Discipulus]: ah ah I have all 5.26 atm but I play alone..
[Corion]: Except this RHEL box, which comes with Perl 5.10.1 , but there I installed my own 5.20.3 for the real Perl programs we run ;)
[Corion]: marto: I used Padre for some time but then switched to Notepad++, since all the funky features I wanted to put into Padre couldn't be made to work, and/or I lost interest :)
[Discipulus]: indeed marto I dunno. I tested once and many years ago. But I'm not the programmer yardstick. I try to install Padre via cpan now just to add a line about it in the issue. Strawberryperl all life long!
[marto]: yeah, when I worked on Windows I did use Np++ all the time

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