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532817 Re: How do I get an array which is the logical AND of the elements of two other arrays? 2006-02-25 23:00
532811 Re: Comparing two arrays 2006-02-25 22:23
532764 Re: Socketpair and a lot of children 2006-02-25 13:14
532716 Re: compile errors 2006-02-25 01:05
530308 Re^2: references to empty arrays 2006-02-15 07:16
530306 Re: File Size in Directory 2006-02-15 07:06
530078 Re: Only joining elements of an array that are defined 2006-02-14 10:27
530071 Re: Check if one string is a substring of another. 2006-02-14 10:06
530064 Re: insert value into an array 2006-02-14 09:45
530059 Re^2: how to enter formula in excel 2006-02-14 09:27
530045 Re^3: Transform Array Ref to Hash Ref - Where's my error? 2006-02-14 07:20
530043 Re^3: Preserve the value of original array 2006-02-14 07:01
529949 Re: comparing values in two hashes 2006-02-13 22:36
529739 Re: print arrays a(i), b(i,j) c(i,j) 2006-02-13 04:33
529689 Re^3: regex: finding something followed explicitly by a dot 2006-02-12 21:27
529614 Re: regex: finding something followed explicitly by a dot 2006-02-12 00:33
526144 Re^3: Secure delete ie shred a file 2006-01-28 06:44
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