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Best Nodes of the Day, Week, Month, and Year

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Also check out Selected Best Nodes — today's random selection of 50 of the top 2000 nodes of all time.

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Best Nodes of The Day

# Node Author Rep
1 Re: @ARGV ignores quotes (updated) AnomalousMonk 16
2 Re^3: Using relative paths with taint mode afoken 14
3 Re: Using relative paths with taint mode haj 14
4 Re^2: @ARGV ignores quotes [ZERO WIDTH SPACE] kcott 12
5 Re: Using relative paths with taint mode hippo 12
6 Re: @ARGV ignores quotes NetWallah 10
7 Using relative paths with taint mode Bod 9
8 What are the formatting rules for the "Title" of posts? kcott 8
9 Re^4: Using relative paths with taint mode Bod 8
10 Re^2: @ARGV ignores quotes AnomalousMonk 8
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Best Nodes of The Week

# Node Author Rep
1 The "%" operator and its documentation. syphilis 26
2 Re: compare two arrays if both are equal and have same elements irrespective of their position davido 24
3 Re^3: Capturing query string parameter from Header response. hippo 24
4 Re: reading through dated directories choroba 23
5 Re: How can i capture the site_id in Dancer 2 app? stevieb 21
6 Re: Reading CSV Function Tux 21
7 Re: How to use a private version of a published module? stevieb 20
8 Re^3: How to use a private version of a published module? hippo 20
9 Re: How to use a private version of a published module? hippo 20
10 Re: Windows and backslashes and replacements oh my! The Perlman 20
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Best Nodes of The Month

# Node Author Rep
1 Re: Doubley surprised by fat commas GrandFather 35
2 Re: $_ not set in while <> LanX 35
3 Let's try for a better CPAN experience cavac 35
4 Re: When not to use taint mode afoken 33
5 Markdown is now supported for comments, experimentally jdporter 32
6 Re: not good practice, so what is good, modern, practice for reading CGI paramters? (updated) haukex 31
7 Perl 5.34 is released 1nickt 31
8 Organizational Culture (Part I): Introduction eyepopslikeamosquito 30
9 Re: Regexp substitution on variable-length ranges with embedded code? choroba 29
10 Re: How to syntax-check Catalyst code which throws 'Invalid CODE attributes' errors? Your Mother 28
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Best Nodes of The Year

# Node Author Rep
1 Announcing Perl 7 marto 57
2 19 years and still visiting .. talexb 47
3 Why Perl in 2020 ait 47
4 Pumpking resignation davies 44
5 Re: Useless use of string in return statement tybalt89 44
6 Re: Perl Contempt in My Workplace eyepopslikeamosquito 43
7 Re: Pumpking resignation choroba 43
8 My 20th PerlMonks anniversary dmitri 43
9 Re: Why is $a.$b not = "$a$b"? tybalt89 43
10 Re: Working with old code Your Mother 43
11 Re: How do I tell if my code is using JSON::PP or JSON::XS? GrandFather 42
12 Re: ::Tiny modules namespace origins choroba 42
13 Thank you! NK7Z 42
14 Re: Change to package name handling in Perl 5.18? haukex 42
15 Solving a maths problem with Perl tobyink 42
16 Re: Not understanding while loop counting (updated!) haukex 42
17 Tau Station Perl MMORPG Kickstarter Launched Ovid 41
18 Re: What esteemed monks think about changes necessary/desirable in Perl 7 outside of OO staff Corion 41
19 Quadmath builds of perl for MS Windows syphilis 40
20 Re: Closure Over Scalar? choroba 40
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