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Best Nodes of the Day, Week, Month, and Year

Are they really the best nodes? Maybe, maybe not. You be the judge!

Also check out Selected Best Nodes — today's random selection of 50 of the top 2000 nodes of all time.

By the way — Please don't upvote these nodes just because other monks thought they were good. If you do, their node reputations will increase — but then we won't really be showcasing the best nodes.

Best Nodes of The Day

# Node Author Rep
1 Re: Algorithm to reduce the weight of a collection of bags kcott 22
2 Admins for RT hippo 9
3 Re: Abstract image registration or feature detection [UPDATED w examples] kikuchiyo 9
4 Re^2: Testing of exception during import Anonymous Monk 8
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Best Nodes of The Week

# Node Author Rep
1 Mite: an OO compiler for Perl tobyink 33
2 Re: This should be simple (updated) AnomalousMonk 32
3 Re: This should be simple Your Mother 30
4 Re: Pattern matching in perl hv 28
5 Re: This should be simple LanX 28
6 Re: fetchrow_array retruns an empty array choroba 27
7 Re: Algorithm to reduce the weight of a collection of bags haukex 26
8 Re^2: Pattern matching in perl choroba 26
9 Re: Concurrency with IPC::Run3 ? haukex 25
10 Re: qq? with regards to Regexp::Grammars hv 24
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Best Nodes of The Month

# Node Author Rep
1 20 is a round number Discipulus 45
2 Re: using a variable with require haukex 35
3 Re: How do you run Perl on _your_ system? Fletch 35
4 perl 5.36 and the for_list feature - a simple speed comparison swl 34
5 Re: Unescaped left brace in regex is passed through in regex haukex 33
6 Re: This should be simple (updated) AnomalousMonk 32
7 Re: substr out of str error - but why? hv 32
8 Re^2: pack/unpack woes ikegami 32
9 Re: why does Perl eval have a strange terminator? stevieb 32
10 Re: Perlsecret - plus no-ops (updated) haukex 31
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Best Nodes of The Year

# Node Author Rep
1 I have finally done it; wrote a Tesla API library for Perl! stevieb 53
2 A BASIC interpreter to run StarTrek GrandFather 51
3 Twenty laborious years -- and I'm glad to be here talexb 50
4 Site outage Co-Rion 47
5 Re: Hash Search is VERY slow choroba 46
6 20 is a round number Discipulus 45
7 Re: What's happening to CPAN? I'm worried. choroba 44
8 Corinna Update Ovid 44
9 Twenty Years and Counting! roho 43
10 Re: The print is output later after die choroba 41
11 Possible security problem in CPAN modules / CVE-2018-25032 cavac 40
12 Re: Is A Number hippo 40
13 Life is steering me into a new direction and lack the time to maintain MCE marioroy 39
14 CPAN clients exposed to sig-related vulnerabilities hippo 39
15 sometimes no Perl news is good news zentara 39
16 Re: Purpose of =~ and = in this statement haukex 38
17 User Profile Element: CPAN author ID jdporter 38
18 Re: using an array in a while loop choroba 38
19 PerlMonks - my haven of calmness and sanity cavac 38
20 Sad News: David H Adler (DHA) has passed away eyepopslikeamosquito 38
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