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Book Reviews

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If you are shopping around for the Perl book which is just right for your needs, read these reviews — written by perl monks — to help you make an informed decision.

If you have read a book and you think other monks might benefit from your experiences, please share them here by writing a review!

We also have a section for Module Reviews.

Advanced Perl Programming by gryng
An Introduction to General Systems Thinking by PhilHibbs
Introduces ways of thinking about systems, and points out analtytical pitfalls
Automating System Administration with Perl by clp
Solving problems with a wide variety of Perl modules (as of 2009) by an expert guide to CPAN; focused on multiplatform system admin tasks, and applicable to many other areas.
Automating System Administration With Perl by matze77
Tools to Make You More Efficient, Many Recipes for daily work
Beginning Databases with MySQL by DigitalKitty
Introduces the MySQL database to new users, etc.

Beginning Perl by mooseboy
An introduction to Perl for non-programmers by Simon Cozens
Beginning Perl by Ovid Curtis Poe by pritesh
This is an ideal Perl book both for those needing to maintain existing Perl systems or wish to make a change in their career.
Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics by Sameet
A Starters Book for learning Perl with special reference to Bioinformatics
Beginning Perl Web Development From Novice to Professional by Anonymous Monk
Perl for the Web
Beginning Perl, 3rd Edition by perl514
Excellent Beginner Book written by James Lee with Simon Cozens.
Catalyst by pemungkah
Introduction to the Catalyst Web development environment
Catalyst - Accelerating Perl Web Application Development by hanekomu
The first book about the Catalyst web framework
CGI Programming 101 - Perl for the WWW by Hero Zzyzzx
Perl for beginners
CGI Programming with Perl by thomas895
"Creating Dynamic Web paes"
chromatic's Slashdot Book Reviews by chromatic
Computer Science and Perl Programming by marvell
Best of the Perl Journal
Computer Science and Perl Programming by mooseboy
Best of The Perl Journal, Volume 1
Data Munging with Perl by ybiC
Techniques for data recognition, parsing, transformation and filtering
Debugging Perl: Troubleshooting for Programmers by jlawrenc
A guide to writing more troublefree code and finding problems in the code you have.
Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills by deprecated
Comprehensive, Comprehendible, Concise, Computer oriented introduction to Bioinformatics and Genetic Sequence Analysis
Does IT Matter? by g0n
A discussion of competitive advantage via IT
Effective Java by Steve_p
Yes, I said Java. It is, however, the best practical OO programming book. Period.
Effective Perl Programming by arturo
see the title ...
Effective PERL Programming by jbardhan
Effective Perl Programming: Ways to Write Better, More Idiomatic Perl 2nd ed. by ack
A series of Iteminized Suggestions for improving one's Perl programming
Elements of Programming with Perl by jptxs
Elements of Programming with Perl is a general introduction to programming, using Perl as the implementation language. It starts at the beginning, teaching programming style, structure, and design. - from

Essential Perl 5 for Web Professionals by AgentM
Supposed to help new folks learn CGI. Fails miserably.
Essential XML Quick Reference by Masem
XML handbook with minimal langauge dependancy
Extending and Embedding Perl by cmilfo
From Manning, "Extending and Embedding Perl explains how to expand the functionality and usefulness of the Perl programming language and how to use Perl from C programs."
Extending and Embedding Perl by marvell
The definitive guide to XS, embedding and the Perl internals
Extreme Programming Pocket Guide by TStanley
Learn the basics of XP
Free as in Freedom by JSchmitz
Free as in Freedom Richard Stallman's Crusade For Free Software
Go to Perl 5 by neophyte
Disregarding the title, this book is actually a book written in German aimed at the beginner and intermediate
Graphics Programming with Perl by cmilfo
A Perl programmers introduction to Perl's graphics modules/tools
Graphics Programming with Perl by marvell
Modules, tools and techniques.
Higher Order Perl by ambs
Impatient Perl by Trundlar
A book for someone who needs to learn Perl NOW
Instant CGI/Perl by TStanley
Learning to use the CGI module
Instant Perl Modules by deprecated
Yay, printed POD.
Instant Perl Modules by TStanley
Learn to work with various modules, as well as how to build your own
Intermediate Perl by targetsmart
by Randal L. Schwartz (Author), Tom Phoenix (Author), brian d foy (Author) ,
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.; 2nd edition (March 8, 2006)
Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation by clemburg
Theory Book
IT Ethics Handbook by brian_d_foy
Right and Wrong for IT Professionals
Learning Perl by Aighearach
Learning Perl 6th Edition by perl514
Must have Beginner Book.
Learning Perl Objects, References and Modules by TStanley
Picks up where Learning Perl left off
Learning Perl on Win32 Systems by dze27
The Llama Book for Windows
Learning Perl/Tk by milarepa
A Perl/Tk introduction
Learning the vi and Vim Editors, 7th Edition by bms
With this guide, you learn text editing basics and advanced tools for both editors, such as multi-window editing, how to write both interactive macros and scripts to extend the editor, and power tools for programmers -- all in an easy-to-follow style.
Lessons Learned in Software Testing by ratflyer
Software testing practices reviewed
Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf by claree0
6 O'Reilly books on Apache, Perl, MySQL and Linux
Mastering Algorithms with Perl by splinky
Mastering Perl 5 by Eric C. Hermann by staeryatz
Mastering Perl 5
Mastering Perl/Tk by dreadpiratepeter
A guide to everything Tk
Mastering Perl/Tk by jlongino
Graphical interfaces with Perl
Mastering Regular Expressions by splinky
Mining the Web by sock
Analysis of Hypertext and Semi Structured Data
Modern Perl by oldtechaa
Take Control of Your Programming with Modern Perl
Modern Perl by jassics
Modern Perl by Chromatic
Modern Perl 2011-2012 Edition by bms
Modern Perl is suitable for programmers of every level. It's more than a Perl tutorial—only Modern Perl focuses on Perl 5.12 and 5.14, to demonstrate the latest and most effective time-saving features.
Modern Perl 4th Edition by likbez
A good refernce book. Kudos for chromatic for making it availble freely
mod_perl Developer's Cookbook by davorg
MySQL and Perl for the Web by kwoff
A book on using MySQL and Perl for the Web
Network Programming With Perl by jeffa
Licoln D. Stein's book of wonders
O'Reilly's Safari Bookshelf by cmilfo
O'Reilly's Safari Bookshelf is an online service for reading books from O'Reilly and other publishers
Object Oriented Perl by splinky
Official Guide to programming with by Rex(Wrecks)
An expanded reference guide to the manual by the creator: Lincoln D. Stein
Perl & LWP by DigitalKitty
Using LWP to perform a variety of web related tasks.
Perl & XML by jeffa
(see title)
PERL - How to Program by jepri
A very complete perl book
Perl 5 Pocket Reference by CMonster
Perl 5 Pocket Reference By O'Reilly by BigJoe
Perl 5 Quick Reference by BigJoe
Perl 6 Essentials by PerlBear
Authors: Allison Randall, Dan Sugalski & Leopold Tötsch
Perl 6 Now: The Core Ideas Illustrated with Perl 5 by Mr. Muskrat
Perl 6 Now: The Core Ideas Illustrated with Perl 5
PERL and CGI For the World Wide Web by bladx
A beginners guide to Perl.
Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web by c
Introduction into using Perl for CGI scripting
Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web by Ovid
Perl CGI
Perl Best Practices by simonm
Perl style guidelines and programming techniques from Damian Conway.
Perl black book by kommesel
Programming book
PERL Black Book: Indispensable Problem Solver by smgfc
Good Reference, but not a standalone title
Perl by Example by Bismark
Written by Ellie Quigley, Published by Prentice Hall
Perl CD Bookshelf by jjhorner
Perl CD Bookshelf Version 2.0 by idnopheq
5 Bestselling O'Reilly Perl titles on CD-ROM
Perl CD Bookshelf Version 3.0 by marvell
7 Bestselling Books on CD-ROM
Perl Core Language by pmas
Little Black Book - Concise Problem Solver
Perl Debugged by Plato
Perl Debugged by Peter Scott & Ed Wright
Perl for System Administration by TStanley
Managing Multiplatform Environments with Perl
Perl For Web Site Management by davorg
Perl for "Accidental Programmers"
Perl Hacks by davorg
Tips & ToolsFor Programming, Debugging, and Surviving
Perl in a nutshell by Plato
An O'Reilly desktop quick reference
Perl Medic: Transforming Legacy Code by Peter J. Scott by nite_man
Excellent book about way to produce excellent Perl code.
Perl Pocket Reference, 5th Edition Review by bms
Updated for Perl 5.14, Perl Pocket Reference, 5th edition is a great day-to-day use reference.
Perl Testing by sock
A Developer's Notebook
Perl! I Didn't Know You Could Do That... by footpad
A Showcase of Perl and Many CPAN modules
Perl, CGI, and JavaScript Complete by lagrenouille
Jack of all trades, master of only the typographical error... Takes 4 books and hacks the (seemingly) worst bits out of them

Perls of Wisdom by marvell
Perls of Wisdom by cbrandtbuffalo
Collection of previously published articles by Randal Schwartz
Practical PostgreSQL by jlongino
A PostgreSQL Reference
Pragmatic Programmer, The by footpad
Excellent Guidebook into the Craft of Good Programming Practices.
Pro Perl by marvell
A comprehensive guide to Perl.
Professional Perl Development by Plato
Web server and client programming, Databases, LDAP, Network and distributed programming, Embedded Perl Scripting, XML, Mathematical and computational applications, Graphics, Perl/TK
Programmation avancée en Perl by arhuman
French edition of : 'Advanced programming in Perl'
Programming Perl by mr2
Programming Perl
Programming Perl (2nd Ed) by Adam
"The Camel Book" --- The best perl book out there (except maybe the 3rd ed)
Programming Perl in the .NET Environment by SyN/AcK
A mystical journey for all of you Perl Monks thru all that is programming Perl in .NET
Programming the Perl DBI by barndoor
Programming Web Graphics with Perl & GNU Software by ehdonhon
Covers everything from graphics file formats to image library API's
Putt's Law and the Successful Technocrat: How to Win in the Information Age by lin0
Guidelines for advancing in the technological hierarchy of modern organizations
Running Weblogs with Slash by davorg
Beginners Guide To A Great Web Application Framework
Running Weblogs with Slash by dave_aiello
This book is aimed at anyone interested in setting up and running a weblog with the Slash software.
SAMS Teach yourself PERL in 21 days by OzzyOsbourne
Great for those with little or no Perl Experience
Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 24 Hours by matze77
Perl Book containing 24 lessons
SAMS Teach Yourself Perl in 24 Hours by Plato
24 proven one-hour lessons
Software Fundamentals. Collected Papers by David L. Parnas. by clemburg
A collection of classical papers in Software Engineering and Computer Science.
Spidering Hacks by mmmmtmmmm
"Cookbook" style collection of numerous web-automation techniques
System Performance Tuning by TStanley
Get the most out of your system and code before you upgrade
The Jargon File by zeno
A collection of hacker slang by Eric S. Raymond (originally by Raphael Finkel says esr)
The Mythical Man-Month by splinky
The Mythical Man-Month (20th anniversary edition) by FoxtrotUniform
A discourse on programming techniques from a manager's perspective
The Perl 5 Programmer's Reference by AgentM
Wyke, Allen R. and Duncan, Luke- Ventana Communications Group (c) 1997
The Perl Cookbook by splinky
TOG On Interface by Bruce Tognazzini by dreadpiratepeter
How humans and computers mix
Understanding Unix/Linux Programming by Steve_p
A Guide to Theory and Practice
Web Development with Apache and Perl by davorg
Overview of Web Development Techniques using Perl and Apache
Web Development with Apache and Perl by marvell
How to build powerful web sites with Open Source tools
Web Development with Apache and Perl, etcetera by mrdurtal
Open source, Perl-oriented "lightweight" web-development tools for use by families, neighbourhoods and communities
Web Programming with Perl 5 by Bismark
written by Bill Middleton, Brian Deng, & Chris Kemp
Win32 Perl Scripting: The Administrator's Handbook by $code or die
Fantastic Book by Dave Roth
Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery by Milamber
Using Perl to conduct forensic analysis and incident recovery
Writing CGI Applications with Perl by footpad
An Introduction to Perl CGI scripting.
Writing Perl Modules for CPAN by TStanley
Writing Perl Modules for CPAN by hsmyers
Guide to creating CPAN modules for us ALL
XML and Perl by davorg
Good introduction to XML processing with Perl
XML and Perl by hsmyers
Intermediate introduction to XML using Perl modules.
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