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Just Another Larry

by benn (Vicar)
on Dec 10, 2002 at 12:36 UTC ( #218774=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I don't know if anyone's done this before. Not particularily obfuscated, and it seems rather obvious (and even sycophantic <g>), but just in case it *is* original...
$P="JMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ZMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWMMMMMMMMMMMMMi ZMMMMB0008ZBMWMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMu BMMMM08ZBMMMMMWuWMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMWWWWWM00BMWB08Z8BWMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM;, XMMMMMMMMWWM8aX220WWWMMMMMM87;r7XX8MMMsMMM 7MMMWWMW2ZMMMBZZ8MMMMMMMMMZi .:iiiiXaBMMMMBMi 0MMMaZZZZWW08aa80B08ZZ8ZXi .ii;ii:;i;iiWMMMMM7 WMMZatMMMMMWZa2ZWWW0XaSi ..,,,,,iiii7XXXr20MMMMMM: MMMWZMMMMMMMMMW8aZ000Zi. .,::i;i.iii:ii;;r7S0MMMMZ M8BMMXMMMB;:X728B8Xr, .,:::,..,,.iii:::i;S7iXWMMMMM MMMMMWZSX..:7280a, ,:ii::,,,,,,:::::i;i;r22r7aMMMMM MMMAMM8S7Xi:,,X: ::::i::::::,,,,,:::::::i;7XiraMMMMMB M8WMM82S22i,.: ...,:i:.,,,,,::iiiii::::,:i;X7iraMMnMMM, 8MM8WMWa2SS;. . .,,::::::::::::::,:iiii;;X;i7ZMMMMMM7 MXWMMBXSXS7S22r.:iii::,,,::,,,,,,,,,:,,,,:or727;72MMMMMMBr MMM2MMMB:rSBZaZZXXZ087,:::......,,:::,. ,:;XrrXMZ88MMMS 8MW00MMM8;8MMX .. .,,.,,,,,. .:t.:;20MM827rrrXSMSrrZMBSX MMWM8MMBi;MM0 ZBMMB BSi i .., iXX; ,X0;;iiiSaaXr;X8MZaZ8BM0M MMB8XM0X XM0ZaMMMMMMh8a77X07i:X;,iXZ :, ;X72r72MWMMMMMWM MM022M02.MM8772: :XZ22aaZ rS7XXBZZMMMMM8; .i;S7SZMBMMMMMMM MMMMMMZX,e2i :7XS2XSSS;:r20.i:;SXXX0Z2aZ072BMX;: S2BMMWMMMMMMM MWMMMMB2:M7, SX;i;:,.. .788 .:XZi. SXr. :ZSX7:X7SaMWrMMMMBMZ M00MMMM7 ri;;i,:ii,:. 7Sa; ::raX: ,.i;;;i:,..,,,Zri:MMMMMMMMMW MMMMWMai Xi. .X2X; :rX:ir;..:i;;XX7X..,SZ;i;MMMMMMMMMa XMM7 ZX7:7;;r22Xrrrr7SZXri:;::7Xrrri ,:iiSir2aMMMMMMMMMM, MZ: BSXr:.,,,. ,.:;7, ...:7Pr7XX77X;ri::;ii;;SZ0MMMMMMMMM Mai W2Xri;;i .:ri. , :ii :.,;;7;i,;ii:S2S:XZMMMMMr ;S2S;7;:..:;rXBZ2SX8Z2.eXSZ::ii .:. . ,ii:2Z2, ZMM0: r ZW72i, aMMMMMMMMMMMWr28MMMWWWS .: iii,rrriZaSi XMMr rS,7SMMMMMMMMMM0BMMMMMMMMrMM0S;7 .:i;riirW2r i2Zi X2;SaMMW8M2Z80arXSaiXZWMBWMMMMMMr:,:;,iirZ. .0M2 Sr;;i0r 7X ,.ir7S720MMMMMZiirr.l;rX2WMMZ iW77;,. ;M2r:: ;SXi7ZMZr;7; :;rXMMMM 02ri ,, X28W0X7i:.irr2aaS, ,r0Xri: ir;WMMM .r7X2::i::rXa27r;rXSa8B27;. :;riri. ;7X:MMM. XX;SX;i:i;iii;r77;77;:,:ii:,.i;:,.;222,MMX ZZXS7:,i.,:i:i;;;ii,,.,,,.,i;ii:HiXXXX;M ;aZXi:;ii;;iiiii::,..,,,,i77.;;7XXr;rXM. ,Z0ZXrr7X7ri::,,:iii:::i777;.XXXr;;;rS ,S282Xriii:,a,,,i;;;iiirXriiiX;:,:;riiZ. iSXZ2Xr,:,,::,,,:::i;r77XrrrXr:,,iii;rB 2XXSZ,:,,,iii: ,:ir7XXX77ri::::;c;;:ZS7,iZMW air7a7XXrii:ii;ii;77XX7;;i::,,:i;iiiri. 70a :; 8r;;XSS22SSXXXXX77X7r;i,,,,,,::iiiii:,. . rak +i2X :7rr;rXXr7r7SSSX;77r;ii:,,,,,,::iii::i . . .. + .XZ .. a;, ;iiiS;i. ..,,.,,.....,:::,,:::::... ,:.... ,, +, 7eri.i. .2ri,Sr;i,,,,,.,,,,:::,,.,,,::::,. . .. + .. X7i: .. ... 7X7.r777i...,,:,,.....,,::::,, .......... . i.;r7. ... .. irXX:;rXrii::i:::::::,,,,,,. . ....... +.... 7:Zr:. .,. ..,.. :iX7SSSXii::i:::iiiiiii,. ";$P=~s/\s//g;$P=~s/X/ /g;foreach(0..23){print substr($P,$_*98,1);}

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Re: Just Another Larry
by dmitri (Priest) on Dec 10, 2002 at 18:23 UTC
    Come on, is Larry really "just another Perl hacker?" :)
Re: Just Another Larry
by Acolyte (Hermit) on Dec 12, 2002 at 00:10 UTC

    Larry Wall and Sonny Bono - separated at birth?

    Studying at the feet of the masters
Re: Just Another Larry
by mojobozo (Monk) on Dec 10, 2002 at 18:40 UTC
    Hands down, the coolest obfu I've seen. BRAVO!
    word (wrd)
    interj. Slang. Used to express approval or an affirmative response to
    something. Sometimes used with up. Source

      The code consists of only 1 (not-very-obfuscated) line:

      $P=~s/\s//g;$P=~s/X/ /g;foreach(0..23){print substr($P,$_*98,1);}

      Surely you've seen bet ter?

        sure sure - that wasn't the point - hence the "not really very obfuscated at all" disclaimer:) ....and indeed, my vote goes to the spiral...
        I forgot about the camel and had not seen the spiral (which didn't work that well in my command line, but was still cool).
        word (wrd)
        interj. Slang. Used to express approval or an affirmative response to
        something. Sometimes used with up. Source
Re: Just Another Larry
by Anonymous Monk on Dec 21, 2002 at 06:27 UTC
    All I can say is... Wow...
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